My Story

The Perfect Storm

Through a multiyear, life altering physical challenge with Post Concussion Syndrome I was ultimately brought to a place where miracles happen. By applying energy healing techniques and my own intuition, to what seemed an incurable condition, I was able to fully heal, going from 10% cognitive functionality to 100%.  

My life had come to a full stop and it was here, at my lowest point, that I found my light within and rediscovered the Light that is within all things.    

I used to take pride in overthinking situations. Similar to a game of chess, I wanted to be several moves ahead of life’s potential situations. But the perfect storm of symptoms brought me to a place in which thinking actually became physically painful. The process of thinking was so overwhelming that even overhearing a conversation in another room or a question that required thought would cause excruciatingly painful, taser-like headaches.

Not thinking became a matter of survival. I had no choice but to develop a personal practice of reducing thought. The life of the mind I once knew was no more. 

My practice included daily deep meditation and stillness of mind and body. I gradually began to step into a new life, in which there were no thoughts, just spaciousness. 

One day I realized that I had gone for a long period of time without any thoughts going through my head, like a beautiful breeze blowing through my field of awareness and the kind of peace that surpassed all of my life experiences up to this point.

For the first time I experienced sensations without thoughts or labels. 

This is when I began what some might call a second life, that evolved to a heightened level of awareness and inner guidance.

With the absence of mental activity, I began to experience the one consciousness that is within me and within all things. The sensation and the knowing of infinite divine love that is beyond human thought.

The love I already had for everything is now infinitely deeper. 

My wife at the time discovered Barbara Brennan’s work in the holistic energy healing space and it has since become the foundation of my healing path.  Brennan’s three books: Hands of Light, Light Emerging and Core Light Healing offer life-changing step-by-step guides to healing.

As I experienced the powerful healing process firsthand, I wanted to continue learning more about these holistic healing modalities.

I completed 3 in-depth Eckhart Tolle Consciousness Courses: “Being the Light” in June 2022,  “The Depths of Being” located in Hawaii during November 2022 and – the first of its kind – a 6 month Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening program “Becoming a Teacher of Presence” from May 2023 to October 2023.  Currently I am attending the Eckhart Tolle 4 month program “The Spiritual Guide to Conscious Manifestation” – June 2024.
I am also a Barbara Healing Science Practitioner.  The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (est. 1982) has campuses through the world and is headquartered in Florida.  This 4-year program consists of 2,320 hours (year one 533 hours, year two 606 hours, year three 533 hours and year four 648 hours) of energetic hands on guidance and course work.  
I am nourishing my passion to love and support others to find the unlimited potential of “Shining Your Light”.